A bag o' stress

Starting a new school year with a new curriculum that is much more thorough than the slap-a-daisical home schooling we've done these past years has got me feeling like the guy at the circus spinning mulitple plates (after a lull, everyone will have questions at once and are not shy about interrupting each other, sigh).

And I've heard "this is too haaaaaard..." from so many mouths today, that I just can hardly believe that our school day is over. It's 3 pm. We started at 8 a.m.

It could be worse. We could have HOMEWORK! (Which we do not have, thank goodness!)

I'd love to de-stress by going for a walk, but we have painters here painting our newly fixed upstairs (fire damage, remember?)

So I blog instead.

There's just nothing much to write about when my day is filled with workbooks, checking homework, giving "motivational speeches" to my kids about their school work (he he he) and doing chores.

Hopefully we'll settle into a routine and the stress will lessen.

Too bad nobody pays me for all this work.


Veiled Glory said…
You all will get into a flow with the school work. My sisters did the Abeka program for a year to skip a grade. Oh boy! Was that a load of work! Still, they got a schedule down and realized the worth of it...eventually.

Lightfinder said…
What? I thought SAHM's had loads of time on their hands. If I were a SAHM, I would get SO much done... Oh, wait... I am a SAHM... and I run around all day too...and get very little done... *sigh*
Marfa said…
Thanks for the update...beginning the school year can be tough. We really start next week, but this week we began a daily journal, so very short lessons!
marsha said…
Oh, we have the same things. And mine is slap-dash this year, I thought it would be better! I thought hsed kids LOVED to learn and were full of enthusiasm....I need to quit reading those books! and read soem real life blogs!

(What curriculum are you using?)
Alana said…

It's a Roman Catholic Umbrella School. I really like it, over all. We are starting to get our feet under us and get used to the swing of things. My kids are doing well with it. Towing the line. My youngest is in that nine year old "drama queen" hormonal phase (gearing up for puberty, all the mothers of nine year old girls these days know about THAT). Seems it happened a couple of years later in our generation.

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