I've been Tagged

by Maria!

Here are the rules: I say 7 things about myself, and tag seven people, providing their links.

OK, so here are 7 things about me:

1. I hate spicy food.

2. I was born in Munich, Germany. (Not a military brat, my parents were Missionries).

3. If I could vacation anywhere in the world, it would be in the Jura Mountains, in Switzerland for a hiking or horseback vacation.

4. Whenever I travel somewhere to visit, I have a strange longing to move there. Wanderlust.

5. My favorite drinking glasses are actually recycled peanut butter jars. They are the perfect size, shape, and weight.

6. I have an anaphylactic peanut allergy which I developed as an adult (yes, it could happen to you, too) and I can live just fine without peanut butter, even though I used to LOVE the stuff.

7. I LOVE to sew and am a very skilled self-taught seamstress, and I can reverse engineer garments and create patterns by measuring and doing lots of math.

I tag: Anna Sammybunny Kristin Sylvia Michelle

And you. Consider yourself tagged.


I just did one like this last night :)

I didn't know that you don't like spicy food- interesting.
Sammybunny said…
yay! I have been tagged! I shall do this right away!

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