I Can't Hear You!

Standing at the sink and water is running, I can't hear ANYTHING else. Someone talks to me from behind, forget it. I can't distinguish the words.

And sometimes when I'm tired it seems like someone has turned the volume way down on the whole world. Like my ears just. dont. work.

So I'm constantly having to ask my kids to repeat themselves, or get closer, to tell me things.

So I have an appointment on the 18th with an Audiologist. That ought to be interesting.

And the problem is, I"ve been on these anitbiotics for over a week because of an ear infection and my ears still feel like they have fluid in them. Sometimes they just feel hot.

The bad hearing was an issue before the ear infection, so I'm a little bit worried that the ear infection, if it's not cleared up by the 18th, will perhaps obscure what else might be going on.

Is it normal to lose one's hearing at the fine age of 38? I wonder if I damamged it with too much loud music in the car when I was younger. Or do I turn the volume up because I can't hear over the noise of the engine and AC otherwise?


Veiled Glory said…
Do you have sensitivities to sounds, like at night when you are trying to fall asleep? Or trying to concentrate on reading? Do the little rattles in the car make you distracted (like the stuff in grocery bags rubbing together)? If you are looking straight at someone while they are speaking to you in otherwise quiet surroundings and it seems like the sound of their voice cuts out in the middle of sentences?

If so, it might be something other than hearing loss. E-mail me.
H and S said…
Maybe you need to stop wearing such cute groovy hats down over your ears...
elizabeth said…
i've heard that antiobiotics can affect ears,... i can't always hear that well either, esp. if someone is behind me when i am walking down the (city) street... but i know my ears get plugged easy... etc... i am only 31, so maybe age is not everything.

hope it gets better, esp. the infection.

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