6 Quirky Things meme

this one from veiledglory.wordpress.com

Ok, 6 quirky things about me:

1. I hate listening to music unless I'm in the car.
2. Can't stand long soaky baths, bubble or otherwise. Washing is best done via as quick a shower as is humanly possible to take.
3. In winter, at night, I must be covered in pounds of blankets. Must be heavy. One little electric blanket, although warm, would be entirely inadequate in the winter time.
4. Must have coffee in the morning, even if it's decaf. Exception: Before Eucharist.
5. Toenails are not to be clipped, they are to be picked at.
6. I suspect I'm growing to be a bit hard of hearing. Probably due to too much loud music in the car.

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