They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

Just kidding. (Yeah, I've been watching youtube videos, can't you tell?)

Tonight there is a lovely snow coming down, which will be much lovelier once Wes is home safe and sound. He called me after driving an hour or more and he was perhaps half way home. He said traffic was moving at around 25 mph on the interstate between Louisville and Lexington. God grant him safe travels tonight.

Well, the kids and I are going to our very first political rally on Thursday: Against Mountain Top Removal. Against the ruination of human and animal habitat in the world's second most biodiverse forest. Against asthma. Against flash flooding. Against homes being destroyed. Against Elementary schools down stream from dammed toxic sludge ponds. Against economic destruction of communities due to greed.

M is particularly excited. She's our environmental activist idealist type.

Meanwhile, I think we have too many lights on in this house. the kids are turning them off.

Watch the videos and weep. Then get angry. Write a congress person. It's not just about Appalachia, it's about our whole country. It's not just about the earth God made, it's about the people who live on it.


Anonymous said…
Good for you, Alana. I can hardly think of a more worthy cause.

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