Snuggly Crochet Love!

Last night I finished my latest crochet project: A snuggly shawl. Here it is, draped over my husband's raggedy chair. In real life it goes down below my butt when I'm wearing it. I made it in a lighter color so that I can use it in the summer time to combat the evils of air conditioning....brrrrr.

It's made up in a lace-weight mohair blend yarn. The photo makes it look chunkier than it really is.

Now, using some 100% virgin acrylic! yarn I got at the thrift store, I am determined to learn how to knit lace! I'll report on how it's going at a later time. WHAT is virgin acrylic? That's what I want to know. How is acrylic in any way vigninal, or pure. Ah yes, straight out of the ground, into your knitting basket. Petrochemicals at their finest. Virgin, in fact!

Perhaps once I learn how to knit lace, I will make something beautiful out of something real. I also want to improve my crochet patttern reading and following skills. Unfortunately, I tend to make stuff up as I go along, and that limits me. It is better to follow a pattern.


Laura said…
Very pretty! I've been wanting to do a shawl that I've just about finished my new new niece's (due on Friday) baby afghan, maybe I can get to it...once I'm authorized to spend money on yarn that is....

I have a poncho that I love, but it's too heavy for summer time a/c issues so I need to to something of a light weight also.

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