Lunar Eclipse

It's really too cold to enjoy the Lunar eclipse tonight, but I did go out and take a peek or two. I even let the kids stay up late, under the condition that they be quiet and get some of tomorrow's school work done since they'll be trashed in the morning.

But they did, and then got just too darned sleepy to make it to the full eclipse, so one last look, then off to bed.

I was five minutes late peeking at the full eclipse, so when I noticed the time on my computer, I rushed out side so see the barest sliver of moon shining past the earth's shadow.

Speaking of is time for darkness and bed.

Sleep well.


Anonymous said…
From where I'm at in CA it looked like the eclipse was mage into a cross. There were three stars surrounding it. Two at the sides and one at the bottom and it was kind of at a 45 degree angle with the moon being the top of the cross. It was really neat my dad and I think it wasn't a coincidence

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