I've heard good things about Aldi grocery stores. We are finally getting one here in Lexington, and it's going to be fairly close to where I live!!!!

Their main competitor is Save A Lot, but it seems they might have even lower prices. I shop SAL sometimes, but can't always get what I need. Plus, SAL's dairy prices are sort of high and I've gotten a rotten chicken from them before. Eeeeeew!

I think I will most definitely check into this. Not that I expect to get EVERYTHING there, but you know...hopefully they stock brown rice and cornflakes and dry beans and basics like that.

And, in oh-so-German fashion, I get to bring my own bags. (Aldi is a German store chain and they are EVERYWHERE...all over the world, that is.)

Imagine me doing the happy dance......oh, yeah! oh, yeah!...

Ok, so don't imagine it. Not such a pretty thought.

I'll report back in next Thursday after I shop there.

Getting used to a new store....shudder.


Laura said…
We love our Aldi. Ours does carry brown rice and some dried beans. Not a huge selection though. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget your quarter for the shopping cart.
ALDI Careers said…
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