Scissors. No maroon dye yet. Husband hates it. Who cares? It will grow.


Maria said…
I like it. If I had curly hair, I'd so do that.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Alana. If it wasn't that you did this because you were depressed, I'd be applauding because I think you look gorgeous, sharp, and sexy with those short curls. You have fabulous curl for short hair. It shows off your gorgeous facial bone structure and makes your eyes look enormous. It's easier to control, condition, and make sleek than when it gets long (split ends!). You can put sparkly clips in it, and saucy headbands. Your hubby is about wrong on this, unless it's just that he's concerned about you too.
Anonymous said…
I really do love it! It suits you well. So when are we going to have coffee together? I am available so let me know what works for you, and don't worry about double booking me- it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Most of the time, I feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I don't really know how I remember anything at all. Don't be so hard on yourself. You've got a lot on your plate right now. I'd love to get together to chat, though. So let me know! We can talk tomorrow (if you read this before then).
Anonymous said…
You have and always will be beautiful to me!!
I go through the same thing with my hair. I get frustrated and cut it off, and then regret that I did it. It will grow on your husband. Mine has learned just to accept it. I did promise him before we got married that I wouldn't cut my hair. Two days after we were married, I cut it all off.
Love, Joi
gemma said…
Ditto what theodora said. Your eyes are amazing and it's the short hair that shows them off. Hope you shake this off. It's Spring soon. Daffodils always help me. Get some.
Lightfinder said…
I think it looks... jaunty.

That's right. Jaunty.

It gives you a to-heck-with-what-the-world-thinks-I'm-too-cool-to-care look about you. I've been thinking about going short too, what with the budding toddler in the house and all... I haven't decided yet.

But seriously, it looks good. Cheer up, and call if you need to.
Mimi said…
I really like it!
Philippa said…
Geez! What a cute haircut! I used to wear my hair like that and totally loved it!

Now you need to purchase some hair wax so you can scrunch and pluck and pull it in a variety of directions. Makes it super easy to take care of, etc.

I have to tell you though, despite the previous picture being "bed head" I thought the style looked cute too!

Hang in there Alana. BA is in my prayers.
Anonymous said…

The short 'do is great! Go for the maroon color, add some funky earrings, long gypsy skirts, long dramatic scarves (stripes and geometrics) around your neck (looks like you already are doing that) and you're good to go with a great signature style. Keep the colors in deep jewel tones to compliment your skin/hair colors. Oh, and play up those beautiful eyes!!!

Or ignore this completely. Either way, you look good.

Please don't be too hard on yourself as you cycle through the grieving stages. Depression is common to us all in difficult times and in time, it will lessen. You have been dealt a whammy, but God will carry you through. We all have dreams for our children and many of us have had to let the dreams go because reality has smacked us across the face. It hurts, and for a looong time.

May He comfort you with His peace today.
elizabeth said…
i have not been able to comment yet... so here i am, again. :) i agree. beautiful. you are.

thinking of you.

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