Ky Highway Safety

My homeschool list is a treasure trove of information today! Here's more:

Important Travel Safety Information
> They will help change your tire, etc. Good number to keep with us in the
> car!
> Put this number in your cell phone, you never know when you will need it
> Today I found out that we have a free roadside service for highways,
> parkways, and interstates in KY They are funded by our taxes. They will
> change your tire, help with battery, or anything needed for an emergency.
> They do not want any money at all, not even a tip.
> Keep this number in your car and you can phone them 365 days a year, 24
> hours a day.
> 1-877-FOR- KYTC
> 1-877-367-5982
> He gave me a sticker to put on the windshield with the number listed above.
> I didn?t know this service was offered. He explained that not many people
> do and ask that I tell my friends. They were ever so helpful.
> Website:


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