Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was getting ready to take a shower this morning, and something wet dripped on me from inside my closet. Lovely! Turns out the air conditioner upstairs in my girls' room is doing the condensation/water/dripping thing. We switched it to "fan" and hope for cool weather soon, so we can figure out how to cool the upstairs without destroying the drywall, floor and ceiling.

I HATE our house sometimes.

So, today the furnace guy was supposed to come to diagnose and fix our non-functioning furnace. We had to borrow a space heater for a couple of weeks at the end of last winter because the heater conked out and we didn't want to fix it then.

Well, furnace diagnosis: Nothing's wrong with it, started up just fine, everything looks greate, clean, new and wonderful.

And since we have a service contract with the heating people, there was no charge for the call.

How'd ya like dem apples?

This is the second major appliance that has been miraculously "healed" this summer. So that takes the sting of needing also to replace the kids computer which is irreparably fried, and it's an integral part of home school, it seems.

Well, glory to God for all things, I guess.


npmccallum said...

I can give you a computer if you need.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing about your furnace! Now if the A/C would only get on the same page....
As of June 2008, guess who is going to be living about 4 hours from you???
I am thrilled!!!
Kevin was accepted to the Columbus Culinary Institute and starts in July of 2008. I can finish my degree at Ohio State!!
{{{{{Joi does the extremely happy dance!!!!}}}}


Alana said...

Joi, That's so exciting. Congratulations!

Nathaniel, Yes! Thank you!

Philippa said...

God does plumbing miracles too. I can remember crying to Him to help. He did.

Glory to Him for the furnace and all else!!!