Well, today was the last "official" day of Vacation Church School. Tomorrow we celebrate Divine Liturgy (with all three of the Orthodox priests in town invited to concelebrate) and then have a few songs, and a skit for the kids to present to the parents and others who come. And of course, food together afterwards.

That's one Orthodox tradition that I really love: Fasting together naturally leads to eating together.

Well, things were really really zoo-like in my class today. Fortunately my helpers are trained teachers, so they did some good crowd control. But it was still a mess.

And, there's twelve little kids in our class. Whew! Wiggle, wiggle. And today some of the boys were LOUD.

One little fellow, one of the sweetest in the class, was in tears because the teacher of his older brother's class passed out goody bags to all her students. Such a thing never ever occurred to me. Besides, I don't have the funds (sheesh, that's a major theme of my life isn't it?) to do up twelve goody bags...but I felt bad for this kid nonetheless. I suppose it's one of those hard-knocks moments where it is for his salvation to confront his envy. But I still felt bad for the kid. I'm a big softie.

So, my oldest daughter's friend called me fat yesterday. Thanks so much for that nugget of TRUTH. But I still didn't really relish the moment of hearing it. Like the jolly person I am, however, I laughed it off and only despaired inwardly.

Our T-shirts are brown. I like them! Normally I can't stand the VCS t-shirts. This year, not so bad. Still don't like the cut, mind you, but at least the color does not scream.

Well, that's all the drivel I can come up with. I'm SO TIRED...ZOMBIE-LIKE.


elizabeth said…
hi; i commented once before... just wanted to say i really like reading your blog - praying God's blessing for you today - being tired is HARD...
Jasmine said…
What was the context of that comment which someone in her life should teach her about?? I'm sorry if I am more offended than you, but that's one thing that gets me going. (Grrrr...) Almost all of the people I know are fat because of some disease and plod through life with much grace and determination. Why in our society are we not supposed to label people according to skin color, but can label them according to size or shape? When someone says something to me, I speak up. Especially to a youngster. If I let them know, hey, that hurts, put yourself in my shoes, young people are the most willing to learn from it and become more compassionate.
Alana said…
Well, first of all, the comment was made by a thriteen year old boy. I was tired and in my swimsuit at the time and did not have it in me to laugh and get him out of my car as quick as possible (we were in his drive way dropping him off after time at the pool and he just had to tell the kids one more story...).

What he said was: "There was this fat lady on Last Comic Standing...{turns to me}..No offense or anything... etc." I was sort of like "Sheesh, you had to say that, now you are really in trouble, could have just let it go..." and sort of ribbed him about his rudeness but laughed it off.

The fact is, I DO take good care of myself, this IS the "good version" of me (I have come to the conclusion that my only other option would be huge...I get to be big or huge, I'll take big.) And you are so right about illnesses playing a huge factor. Thanks for the support.
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