Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Natural Weed killer

Gotta love Google!

I have not tried these.

OK, natural weed killers include:

Boiling water (applied directly to the weed. According to one site, this kills the weed but not the grass. A good option.)

Vinegar. This kill some weed better than others. I particularly am interested in broad leaf thingies. Clover, I don't consider a weed.

or the following recipe:

1 gallon of vinegar,
1 cup of salt
a squirt of dishwasher liquid (this helps it stay on the weed and not go everywhere or run off.)

Hmmmm...seems like the application of all of the above would be work, but then so would the application of some vile ortho poduct, roundup or some such.


Peter said...

the boiling water method has worked very well for me, especially on anything prickly that might hurt my feet.

Theodora said...

Depending on the weed, it's also extremely satisfying to use a weeding tool and pop it out of the ground by its taproot!

You could pay kids a penny a dandelion. A nickel a thistle.

Margi (juliansdaughter) said...

I don't think clover, daisies and buttercups are weeds. If I was in charge of the lawn I'd cultivate them; I think every suburban lawn has the right to feel like a country meadow.

Alana said...

Margi, I so totally agree with you! I love buttercups. I also love dandelions.