Oh, it's time to blog again. I discover over and over again, in this life, that I am no good at fasting! God help me! Much to occupy time and energy this summer. Busy, busy! Many thoughts of holy things, and the Holy One, many prayers and supplications, unworthy offerings...but of these things one does not speak...or blog, so I shall try to remain silent.

Reading about the Desert Fathers. Learning about my "cell". Learning to be present HERE, and NOW. Today that involved a five-ish mile walk, a stop at the Rescue Mission thrift store, preparing posters for Vacation Church School singing time, and taking a rowdy bunch of kids (mostly mine) to the swimmming pool. Lord have mercy, not what I would have chosen for my day. "Remain in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything," the desert Fathers say.

Confession tonight. That will be good.


gemma said…
I never think of fasting from anything but food....Duh! I learn every day. Thank you.
Mimi said…
Busy but good! Enjoy your day, and your soul cleansing confession!

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