Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slow Start

Other than my four mile walk this morning, I'm having trouble getting out of the starting blocks. So I'm posting my to do list on the internet. How lame is that?

1. Make bed
2. Clean up kitchen.
3. Bake gfcf bread for my dd.
4. Bake something sugar free for me to keep in the freezer (oatmeal cookies, perhaps?)
5. Put away my laundry.
6. Shower.
7. Tidy up living room and sweep all floors.
8. Dust.
9. Oversee kids school work (sort of happening already).
10. Make a couple of phone calls. (I hate "businessy" type calls. Blech.)

All I want to do is lay around and read. If I can get it all done, I'll take us all to the pool this afternoon. I can lay around and read there, I reckon.


I never did make it to the pool and did not get any time to read.

BUT...I got everything done but the phone calls. Figures! And the gluten free bread was done first thing this morning.

BUT...I also took stuff to the thrift store, found a pair of shorts, then later on went BACK to the thrift store with my dd who had NO summer clothes, and got her a bunch of stuff and a skirt, top and two more pairs of shorts for me, all for less than thirty bucks because they were having "half off" day.

And I went for a second walk in the evening with my husband, bringing my walking mileage for the day up to 5.5 miles!

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Dollymama said...

I notice that your To Do list looks quite similar to mine for today. Let me know if posting it helps get the stuff done any better. :)