Friday, May 11, 2007

A good book

was implicated in keeping up a bit past my bed-time last night. I was sneaky. The rest of the house slumbered while the pages kept turning. Before I knew it, it was 3:15 am! I was smart, and made sandwiches for my husband (yeah, I know...He can do it, but hates to so I do it.) before I went to bed so I would not feel like I had to get up early and see him off. Breakfast was an evening-made batch of muffins sitting on the table with a kitchen towel draped over them, so that way the kids were taken care of as well. So, I slept in a wee bit. But 7:45 am is still mighty early when burning the mega-post-midnight oil.

Whee, I"m loopy right now!


Dollymama said...

So now you have to tell us what book was so good that you would stay up that late!

The books that have kept me up half the night are the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. I kept thinking that I'd stop at a boring part....but there weren't any! :)

Tell, tell!

Alana said...

The book was actually rather unmemorable...just a brain candy romance novel. Good enough to keep me up late but not even good enough to remember the title or author: Marriage Bargain, or something like that???

It was the escapism that seduced me.

Dollymama said...

Ah ha! At least you have the guts to admit it. ;) Happy Mother's Day!!