Eeeek! A Snake!

So the kids were in the back yard the other day, and saw a snake! I was pretty sure it was only a garter snake, but I did not let them pick it up, since I was not sure. This is a picture of one just like what we had, so now I know. But still...snake germies! eeeeew!

It slithered away under the back porch, hotly pursued by an interested cat. Our cats have been hunting up a storm lately, especially the aptly named Hunter. He got rid of our mouse problem within a few short weeks of us adopting him. These days he thinks it is his job to rid the world of as many birds as possible. No nest is safe.

Too bad, because I really would get a bird feeder going if it weren't that the cat would turn such a venture into a holocaust. As it is, I just watch them do their thing (we have lots of bushes and there is quite a large bird population situated near and around our house, and root for the birds whenever the cat prowls.

Snakes...he can have those!


alana said…
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alana said…
Ooooh, a whole nest! How cool is that? I hear snake tastes like chicken! :-D
alana said…
Something is weird on my blogger comments thingy. It keeps putting my comments on top, instead of at the bottom. Annoying.
Tabitha said…
I saw a yard-long snake come out of our compost pile last fall. My hope is that it was just keeping warm. My fear is that it made a nest! Every once in a while I see smallish ones sunning themselves in our hedges. I want to get rid of those hedges (and not just because of the snakes either).
Megret said…
My five-year old daughter would have been trying to bring it in the house and keep it as a pet, though... which gives me the creeps. Hopefully your family will let the snakes stay outdoors.

She keeps asking for a dog or a snake as a pet- and the summer she turned four, she hung a green rubber snake around her neck right around the beginning of July, and refused to remove it (even to sleep and bathe) until September.

I think snakes are just as interesting as other animals, but I am NOT having one in my house if I can help it!
Karen said…
As Steve Irwin would say, "Crikey! Wott a lil BEAUTY!"

Gosh, I miss him.

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