Clothes Party!

You know those blouses that hang in your closet, that every once in a while you try on, and it's too tight across the shoulders...barely, or you look down and realize that a person with your figure should NOT be wearing ruffles down the button placket of your chest not matter that it DOES say jjill on the label? Yeah.

And the skirt that, while it fits you is just not quite the right length, or the right cut or something?

Today I went through all my clothes. I was ruthless. Stuff that was so far out of style as to be embarassing went in one stack. (You all remember the skirts in the late 1980's with the horizontal stripe along the hem? Yah!) Stuff that any self-respecting 37 year old just should not wear...especially not a self-respecting permanently plump 37 year know, the tops that would be cute if they had an extra three inches at the bottom edge to that your belly does not accidentally show...and one relatively new chartreuse sweater that theoretically I like but in reality is just a smidgin too tight...the weensiest hair. That stuff went in pile number two.

The nice thing is that I got a huge bag of stuff ready to pass along to someone I know. I tried to cull the stuff I KNOW she'd hate. But there are still some doozies in there that she'll probably cull...but it's a place to start. Nothing like a bag of hand-me downs, given or received!

The other nice thing is that I had forgotten that I owned so many cute spring/summer skirt and colors and prints that I love. And a whole stack of various pastel colored cardigan sweaters that coordinate nicely.

All I need is a pack of brown Rit dye to transform one unfortunate colored t-shirt dress into something darker, and some elastic to transform one linen sheath dress with an unfortunate slit up to the thigh into a straight skirt, the slit of which will only go to my knee. Been done before. And perhaps a few cream colored t-shirts to round things out nicely.

Now I'll just sit here drumming my fingers until spring arrives.


Lauren S. said…
Good for you! I thought you were going to post about a party where frieds all swap clothes. I've never been to one but heard it's fun. You, know, this doesn't look good on me, but may look fabulous on you, type of party. Either way, your post had me thinking about my closet, which is a complete nightmare. I'd like to get rid of a bunch of stuff but I can't decide if being in the middle of pregnancy is a good or bad time to purge out old stuff. A plus would be that I think I would get rid of more stuff right now, but that would also be a downside. A downside because I just may need those size 4 red, silk pencil pants that Audrey Hepburn herself couldn't fit in, and that I didn't fit in after I had my FIRST baby, why on EARTH would I fit in them this time around? :)
alana said…
You could probably wear those pants as a hat or a toe warmer sometime in the future!
Karen said…
I recently did the same thing... it feels good to get organized and get rid of stuff you don't want/need/use.
Mimi said…
Wow! You are so organized, I never thought of dying some tshirts, what a brilliant idea.

And, yay on finding coordinating sweaters and nice skirts!

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