Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Day Gone Awry

I got sick at Vespers last night and had to leave early. Nothing major, just a blood sugar crash and over tired. Sometimes I think that I push myself too hard to make all the services. Who am I trying to impress?

So today I decided it would be best to stay home from the Blessing of the Waters, and work on my Sunday School lesson, so that I could go to Vigil tonight and of course make it to Liturgy in the morning. Besides, I have to teach Sunday school, so I'd better be there tomorrow morning.

Well, I sat down with my box-o-stuff to make drawings and flannel graph pictures of the story I'm telling and I am so totally OUT of the right kind of paper and am missing half my markers. Sigh. So, no drawings this morning. When am I going to get it done?

I can go to the store this afternoon (dh has the car at liturgy this morning) but that will leave me very tired. It always does. Will I be able to do the planned shopping (groceries and markers and paper) AND do the artwork AND go to Vigil? OR will I miss Vigil as well as missing the Theophany service this morning?

Is there a lesson here about slowing down and pacing myself better? Something about not procrastinating comes to mind as well. I should have known last weekend that I needed supplies...not the day before.

So I'm at the front end of a day already not going according to my plans. This is a test. How am I going to respond?


basil said...

Alana, I am sorry you felt ill last night, and I'm sorry I missed you this morning. I'll be around again at Pascha, though.

Two years and one month to go!

alana said...

It was good to see your face, even though I did not get to greet you personally.

Glad you will be here at Pascha. May God grant you the strength to endure the miseries of your current life, and thank you for your service.

The Traditional Frog said...


I'm sorry you took ill at Vigil.

I know the feeling as I took ill during Vigil on Saturday as well. What made it worse, it was the Nativity Vigil, as my church is 'old' calendar. On top of that Christmas Divine Lturgy took place immediately after at about 11:30-midnight. I had to leave vigil early and miss liturgy.

May God give you strength!