Sturm und Drang

I was SHOCKED, shocked I tell you, when I noticed that L----- AVE. is NO LONGER CLOSED. Well, at least this morning it was open, at least for a little while. I don't know if it has truly "stuck" or not, but now the crews are mucking about at the corner and onto the erstwhile detour street, so who knows, perhaps O-- H--- will be closed soon, instead of L-----. Hmmmm... At least it might make traffic quieter around here.

Just in time for the elections, too....

I mean, for those who don't live here: It's literally been YEARS that this road has been closed off. YEARS! So long that on the orange striped "Road Closed" Barrier, someone had stenciled (very neatly, I must say) "Forever" underneath. Now, even that "Forever" is weathered and fading. That's how long it's been closed.


Paige said…
I meant to post this in my earlier gripe about the city, but forgot:

When we moved into this house, there was a 3-foot wide, 3-foot deep hole in the yard. Just a big hole, roughly the size of a manhole. We assumed there had been a tree there that had to be removed. So I was filling the hole, and the neighbor comes out and says, "Well, that's the last of them." Turns out, several years ago the city had needed to do some work on a utility line (sewer I think, but I'm not sure), but their charts weren't accurate, so in order to find the lines they dug roughly 15 holes in the neighborhood, just hoping to strike pipe. Then they left, and left the holes for the homeowners to fix.

Congrats on the street repairs, even if their political timing is ridiculously obvious.
alana said…
That sounds so typical!

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