A life fraught with murphy...I mean mercy...

Today was one of those days when I had too too much crammed into my schedule and I knew it and was dreading it...but not knowing a way to excuse myself from any of the activities planned.

This morning, from ten until noon, was a wonderful Kentucky History field trip to Raven's Run where we heard from an historical re-enactor how our ancestors (literally in the case of myself and my kids) came to Kentucky (then the commonwealth of Virginia) after receiving land grants for serving in the Revolutionary War. Of course I could barely walk at the end of the two hour tour, in which I stepped into a two hundred year old house and confirmed that whether they are in Switzerland or the USA, two-hundred year old farm houses have very much the same smell about them: old wood smoke, old stone, old wood. Very nice smell, in my opinion. Smelled like La Malmaison. What a surprise! I learned about native Kentucky plants, about Asian Honeysuckle (not native!~) and chickory (also not native), and about indian grass and goldenrod (the state weed...I mean flower).

Barely shuffling back to the van, I took the kids to McD's for lunch, to round out the fun-ness of our first homeschooling field trip.

Then home and I was oh! so! tired! But nonetheless, off to get E's eye's checked and most likely glasses.

But....the car that I'd been driving not five minutes before, would not start. We called the service department and they sent out a tow truck who jumped it and suggested we get the battery checked. Fortunately, since dh is currently vastly underemployed, he was able to run that errand. So, no trip to the eye doc today, but woo hoo...I settled in for a much needed "I have fibromylagia" nap on the lazyboy recliner, along with some "no more driving today" type pain meds.

I WAS going to run like mad, pick up one of the kid's friends for a sleepover, go grocery shopping, etc. Now, instead, I get to stay home and rest. This is what I should have planned in the first place. Dh is off with dd picking up her friend, and if the house is not as spit spot perfect as I'd wanted, well, it's only a blow to my pride and nothing else.

I think I"ll go put my feet back up and bribe some kids to get the living room clean.

Mercy's law strikes again! (Whenever something NEEDS to go wrong, there is an angel of mercy on hand assuring that it will.)


Lauren S. said…
Good for you Alana! Glad you were able to find the mercy in the situation. :)
Tabitha said…
Amen to that. I love this Mercy's Law. Have thought something similar on a few occasions, but being the sinner that I am, I have not learned to apply it very often. BTW, it was good to spend some time together yesterday. Thanks for coming in spite of everything.

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