Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How much is mercy?

Well, the saga on the furnace: we had a guy in here yesterday to check out why the motor did not kick on on our furnace. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, turns out. He just flicked it and got it to turn over....BUT...it was a mercy that it did not turn over because our air vent, somehow, was completely full of WATER, since we had that water leak last spring and the vent hose had not been strapped up to the underside of our house when it was installed, and if it had sucked water into the electrical motor of the furnace, that could have been bad. So, our guardian angel was sitting in our crawl space with his/her/its finger stuck in the motor, preventing it from turning over, I guess.

And that makes me wonder: How much is really mercy? I like to say I believe in Murphy's law: That if something can go wrong, it most likely will. But what if the reality is that it is Mercy's Law instead, and that all these seeming mishaps are actually God's protection of us, from greater and more harmful disasters?

Do I have eyes to see the mercy and the grace in my life, or am I going to continually be a puddleglum and only see that bad?


Elizabeth said...

That is awesome- God`s grace and mercy and loving care in action.
I love the idea of Mercy`s law !!

Mimi said...

I agree with Elizabeth - indeed God's mercy and grace abounds!

I have a son who is always keeping score and looking on the negative side, I should share this story.

Theodora said...

Whew! Thank goodness for guardian angels who are willing to sit in crawl spaces!

I like the idea of transforming the mishaps into mercies by the way we see them.