Sunday, August 27, 2006

From the 27 NEWSFIRST newsroom ...

At 6:07 AM, a CRJ-200 Regional Jet Leaving Blue Grass Field in Lexington Bound for Atlanta Crashed at Blue Grass Field, killing 49 people.

Comair President: "Our number one priority is taking cares of the families affected by this."

Flight 5191, with a reported Crew of 3 and 47 Passengers, is Reported to Have Incurred 'Significant Fatalities'. Crew members names have been confirmed as Capt. Jeffrey Clay, first officer James Polehinke and flight attendant Kelly Heyer.

The lone survivor, Comair flight first officer, James Polehinke, is at UK Hospital in critical condition.


Carmen said...

I saw this today and wondered how close it was to you.

Michelle said...

I got a call last night from some of my former students who wanted to let me know that the father of another one of my students had been on the plane, Larry Turner.
He leaves behind a wonderful family who all live in Lexington.

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy - may their Memories be Eternal.

Another online friend's teenage son lost a classmate in the crash.

alana said...

God have mercy! May their memories be eternal.