It's one of the better things in life, especially when you choose a few perfectly ripe avocados as the market. You get home, unload the groceries. There sit those three ripe green fruits on the counter. Ready. Waiting. Desiring with all their little brown hearts to become what God intended.

So, out comes the knife, but there is hardly any cutting. The skin slips right off. Then it's hands, loving hands that pull the flesh from the pit. Time to joyfully lick the fingers!

A little salt, and little bit of lemon juice, and some mushing with a fork.

And then comes the hard part: self control. I could totally down that whole container of guac in one setting. But about a sixth of it is a reasonable portion so I force myself to make do. I blog about it instead.

It seems like the existence of lemons, and avocados and salt, and the possibility for guacamole to exist in the universe is sufficient proof that God exists. Sure such goodness could not happen by accident, now could it? Others might be more compelled by the chocolate argument. Or the beer's all really the same proof, though.

And it is good.


SheBear said…
That's God in a nutshell--the sublime from the ordinary! :)

You start talkin' guacamole and you're speakin' my language--preach it, sistah! ;-)
Suzanna said…
can't resist saying
my guacamole universe has some cilantro and red onion.
welcome to my world

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