Fish, wine and oil

Package of frozen whiting. Thaw in microwave: 8 minutes for the bag, 1 mintues per piece of fish. Then, rinse each piece under warm water to get rid of any leftover ice crystals.

Dredge in flour. (or cornmeal)...but don't contaminate your flour cannister by sticking the fish directly in there. Dish some flour into a 9x13 or onto a plate or something before sticking the fish in it.

Pour about 1/2 inch oil into skillet. Get it nice and hot.

Carefully lay the fish into the skillet. I can fit about four pieces at a time in my cast iron. Don't stick your finger into the hot oil like I did.

Let the fish cook until golden on the bottom. Turn carefully so you don't splatter yourself with hot oil, using spatula and fork.

Let it cook until golden on that side as well.

Remove to a plate covered with a couple of layers of paper towels.

Pour glass of wine.

Give thanks to God and think of John 21.

Enjoy! Two pieces is a dinner for me.


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