Expect the unexpected

Like yesterday when I walked past the coat closet, and sniff, sniff, sniff...smelled something malodorous and suspicious. Lord have mercy!

A good cleanout revealed cat poop. I just can't keep my fabric stash on the floor back there. Earlier this summer it was cat pee, and I lost about half my stash. Yesterday it was poop. I had to run some winter hats and scarves and a couple of jackets through the wash that had spilled onto the floor, and I lost all my pattern tracing paper and fabric stash. There was only one cat gift, along with some peed on items, but still...enough is enough. And it's not like we don't have TWO regularly cleaned out cat boxes, either.


But at least we no longer have a mouse problem.

I cleaned it all up, and sprayed boundary spray, which must have some of the same stuff in it as Round Up because they smelled the same to me, and both left me gagging, unlike the cat poop.

As hot as the summer has been, I doubt we'll start needing the coats until late October, but you never know. Perhaps I should go through them and get rid of the ones we don't need. We have too many, being the grateful recipients of lots of hand-me-downs.

Sometimes the sheer abundance of our physical posessions just gets me down. And we own relatively little as it is.


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