Original Crafts

Here are some samples of some of my work. I diddle. I do a bit of this and bit of that. There needs to be more original stuff in the world, so here are some of my small contributions.

This one is my old classical guitar that I painted a few years ago. I've seen better folk art, but this was pretty much my first attempt. I like how it turned out. Have not painted much since. Brushes are expensive.

Free hand machine embroidery on a scarf. The other end is similar but different. I won't bore you with it.

One of my quilts. This was made with bits and scraps of new fabrics, but the pieces were torn, not cut precisely. I like the unique irregularity that this gives, but I doubt any professional quilters would approve too much. But my stitches are tiny and it brought me joy to make it, and brings me joy to look at it and use it.

202 quilt squares, 4.5"x4.5" each. Four old shirts. This is what happens when I iron dh's shirts and realize they are all frayed at the collar and cuff and elbows. It will take twice this many squares of this size to make a twin sized quilt top. Again, the pieces are slightly irregular and ripped as much as I could.


Mimi said…
You are truly an artist, beautiful work!
Meg said…
Oh, my, what lovely work! I was especially taken with the rosemaling on the guitar. I bet if you did that on a zither or a dulcimer, you could start your own cottage industry.
Philippa said…
Alana, how wonderful to read all these posts and feel your joy and healthfulness coming through in your words.

I'm so happy you got to dance and with some hunky guy in addition to your hunky husband.

Keep living! And laughing!
maverick said…
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