Nasty Nausea and Thrift Store News

I seem to have a stomach bug. Stayed home from Church yesterday, (which was a bummer because everyone is so dear and I really miss it when I don't come), and slept on and off. Finally after getting somewhat dehydrated and rectifying the situation with a couple of pots of mild peppermint tea (an old Swiss remedy) I was able to vomit. Not enough, though.

Still feeling icky today. Warm drinks make me sweat, which is good I guess. Meanwhile I'll stick with mint tea, saltines and sugar free vanilla ice cream. Morning but not the best for me, I'm finding out.

Blech, blech, blech.

I guess I'll go camp out on the couch and play board games with the kids.

Ah, yes, thrift store news:

I went to the thrift store Friday pm just to get some "alone time" and see if there was anything nice in the sweater department. Most of what I own is BLACK and I've decided I need more color in my winter wardrobe. Summer is the time for winter thrift store shopping because everyone's cleaned out their closets and all the good winter stuff is just hanging there, waiting to be plucked. So, I came away with some very nice sweaters, mostly pink, which goes really well with BLACK, so that's a start. And I found dh a whole stash of Tom Clancy novels for, like, a buck total. Couldn't resist. Life is good.

After I got home from Thrifting and grocery shopping, I started doling out the goods and my son (whose love language is OBVIOUSLY gifts) realized he was the only one in the family who did not get something new. I mean, no big deal,'s just shampoo and new toothbrushes etc. that people NEED, but to him it was a very big deal.

So...Saturday morning I took him to the thrift store for some "treasure hunting"...he could pick out one thing. He found a cool Incredible Hulk electronic game. Perfect.

We also found (oh, fortuitous moment!):

Batmat cartoon video
An excellent working microscope (combined with the good microscope kit that came with the wretched non-working microscope from last Christmas we are all set up in the not-visible-to-the-naked-eye department.
A cool cranium game called Ziggity
A wide assortment of magnets in a magnet kit that will serve us very well when we cover magnets this year.
Trivial Pursuit Junior

All this stuff was NOT out on Friday night. Just to prove that the early bird catches the worm.

From now on, I need to start a Christmas stash, and quit just bringing and plunking down my thrist store treasures.

What a blessing! Especially since last year's Christmas was a total BUST: I either got them things that immediately broke or that they did not like so well, afterall. I think I'm going to pray more about our family's needs, and also buy "group gifts" more. These seem to work out well.


Mimi said…
A pogo stick? How fun does that sound?

I hope you are on the mend soon.
Philippa said…
How yuck to be sick during the summer. There is something so wrong about that it isn't even funny.

I love me the thrift store! You had an excellent find! Woot! Two weeks ago I went just to browse the new location and bigger store. I found a beautifully done piece of crosstitch, professionally framed for $3.99. Double matted. How it ended up in the thrift store I just didn't know. I bought that puppy just because it was a shame to leave it sit there. It now graces my dd's empty bedroom. I think I shall build the room around it!

Feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
Please , do not delete it . Ineed money.

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