Free Range Organic Music

So, at the Farmer's Market this morning, I noticed that there were lots of "street corner musician" types. What an idea. Actually, I figured there would be, and I was already thinking along those lines.

So right after lunch, that's just what I did: I took my guitar down to the market, asked and friendly looking farmer if he minded music, and set up and started to sing my songs.

Open case, of course. I scored seven dollars and seventy five cents in about an hour, and had to stop because I blew my e-string. People were very friendly and smiled at me alot. (But I wasn't there to get money, just for fun.)

And then, as my we were leaving (one of my kids was hangin' with me), I went to use some of my earnings to buy a couple of peaches from the friendly neighbor farmer and he gave them to us for free...and he thanked me for the music!

Oh, and I'd made a sign that said: Organic, Kentucky Grown Free Range Music (No Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, GMO Free). That got many smiles.

Such great fun! Maybe I'll do it again next Saturday.


Laura said…
Good for you! That sounds like a lot of fun!
DollyMama said…
OH man! I want to come see you! That is awesome!
Lightfinder said…
Hooray! What fun! And what a brave soul you are...I woulda been scared.
alana said…
I'll post it on my blog before I do it next. Then ya'll can come buy veggies and listen to the noise I make.
Amy said…
Very cool Alana! Just the other day I was thinking about getting in on the heretofore "untapped" organic water market.
Anonymous said…
Great sign for the FM!
Jasmine said…
Now that's what I call living! You'll never forget these moments of your life!

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