Baby Stepping towards

more awareness, more sustainability....hopefully less Walmart.

1. I discovered that Laura of "Laura's Lean Beef" fame has an excellent blog at It's nice to read the words and thoughts of the farmer who grows some of my meat.

2. I've noticed the newest fad in salad dressing is a salad "spritzer" spray that you spray on your greens. What a great idea, and I don't even remember the brand because of course the first thing I look at is the ingredients list, and of course the stuff has sugar in it. Blech. But olive oil, red wine vinegar and a one dollar small spray bottle work just as well. This falls under the "how to consume less" category.

3. Organic Kentucky grown tomatoes taste better than the pale red crap sold you-know-where. Duh!

4. I like my little house. It's cozy, and we don't turn the air conditioning on every single day. Today the thermometer read 101 in the sun, 97 in the shade. The air was on. I was baking a chicken. But what I was starting to say was that I'm just not all that interested in upward mobility or impressing people. Less stuff. Christmas is looming and already giving me stress. What to do? What to do?

5. Clean and tidy and home-made go a long way towards domestic satisfaction.

6. Free music: of course I like to play and sing. Sometimes I hear clarinet drifting down from upstairs. I love that. And now, more violin music is added to the mix. Not only does dh pull his out from time to time, but dd2 has taken up violin as well. She has started playing on the back porch...perhaps because that is often where I go to play my guitar. Looking forward to the day when the youngest two also have instruments. Better than Nintendo any day!

7. A few weeks ago I bought a turkey thinking it would make good eating, and it made me sick. Not food poisoning: Hypoglycemia. It was injected with sugar and other crap. So now, Dh says we'll spring for an organic turkey this Thanksgiving...if we are here at Thanksgiving, that is. Who am I to argue? It seems necessary. Sometimes I feel like I'm the canary in the mine.

8. Soynut butter...not too terrible an alternative to PBJ's. I've been longing to bake bread again. Perhaps I will. Soon. For awhile there I was too sick and tired. Now I feel like I have my life back. Thanks, God.

9. I've discovered that rapid rise yeast does not need sugar in dough. Of course I learned this making prosphora. But for pizza crust, I add some dry milk powder to feed the yeast instead of sugar, and then stir/beat the flour in very slowly to give the gluten a chance to break down. It makes a very light and fluffy dough.


Carmen said…
You really are so smart, Alana.
alana said…
Aw shucks! thanks!
Mimi said…
I agree with Carmen.
Anne said…
Lots of good inside information for me.

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