Since I"m talking about movies...

Here's my list that I own so far that I consider worthy of re-watching multiple times:

Lady Hawke
Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
Pride and Prejudice (new version)
Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson)
Gosford Park (I love the "below stairs" side to this story)
Ever After
Wedding Singer
Top Gun
Sleepless in Seattle
Princess Bride
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
What Women Want

Want to acquire for repeat viewing purposes:

All the Rocky movies
Hunt for Red October
any other Submarine Movie (I have a THING for sub movies. What's that all about????)
Emma (BBC version)
You've Got Mail
Monsoon Wedding (if you have not seen it, seriously, do so!)
Indiana Jones stuff
Robin Hood (the one with what's his name, was it Kevin Costner?)
The Patriot (horrid battle scenes, but my ancestors fought and lived through that stuff so I feel humble and proud).
50 first Dates
Never Been Kissed
Bourne Identity (it makes me crazy watching them drive around europe like that.)
Russia House (I'm thinking of the one with Sean Connery and Michelle Pfifer...)
Only You
The Name of the Rose

Want to see and then possibly accquire:
Tristan and Isolde

In a word: I like romantic movies,I like period pieces, especially medieval, and I also like movies with plenty of testosterone oozing through the screen.


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