What's Cooking?

I decided I need to start taking a "once a month cooking...sort of" approach to putting meals in the freezer that fit my hypoglycemia friendly diet, since I'm heartlily sick of cooking double or triple meals for the family each evening. It is nice to be able to pull out of the freezer an acceptable pre-packaged, calorie counted meal and pop it into the microwave...so that's what I did today.

One more full sized dish divided up into portions and I should be all set on dinners for the next couple of weeks. It will get me through holy week at least.

This will also make those occasions when I have to eat on the run easy, as long as I have access to a microwave. Four hundred well balanced low carb calories always is plenty: southwest chicken with broccoli and tuna-(low carb)noodle casserole were today's menu items.

If I could throw a lasagna in there, and also something with those beef patties that are moldering in my freezer, I'll be all set. But for those I need to run to the store for a couple of more ingredients, I think.

I learned from a friend yesterday that the progresso canned clam chowder soup (the kind you don't dilute) is actually dairy free, as is, I think she said, the cream of mushroom. I need to check those out and pick them up for my husband if that is indeed the case.

Maybe I'll make a "milk run" this evening and get those cans of soup as well. OH, shock! The kids still use milk, and we are also out of low carb milk and rice milk. Sigh. With prices the way they are these days, the grocery money just does not go as far as it once did. Thank God for his providence!


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