My friend M

is at that age when she's saying new words every day. Today's addition was "Barney", since yesterday's episode (shhhh don't tell her parents) must have made quite an impession. But alas, we were out running errands during that time of the day. (See me be sooooo sad to miss Barney...NOT!)

But in the library, lo and behold, there was a stuffed Barney sitting on the counter in the children's section.

She saw him, and pointed him out and kept saying "Barney, Barney, Barney!" So I walked over there with her. M in the sling, my back killing me since I'm not used to slinging little ones anymore. We went to greet the Barney doll and when I got close, she clenched up in fear until I started poking the thing's nose and nothing happened.

Perhaps she honestly thought the stuffed toy would transform into an Adult sized purple weirdo. Shudder, what a thought!

I'd be scared, too.


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